Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Visit to the Hospital

A Visit to the Hospital

People ask
What happened at the Hospital 
And then complain that my answers are too banal. 

They expect
As I am poet I would have seen more,
Or at the minimum I would articulate better therefore.

They are right
Though not in the way they expect;
I did see more but I am not sure if I got it all correct.

One hall,
One corridor, seventeen patients,
Ten lights, four AC ducts, a hundred and four ailments. 

One stool, 
Three water coolers, twenty two chairs,
Five joys, half a hope, one fear, sixty nine despairs.

One cough, 
Two infant wails, twelve silent shrieks, 
Seventeen counts of grief, seventeen bearing techniques.

One poet,
Couple of dreams - just residual fragments,
Six kinds of pain, and fifteen thousand lonely moments.

This expectation
Of interesting words from this visit is quite unfair;
It isn't as if something profound could have been found  there. 

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