Thursday, February 25, 2010

Be Wise

Be Wise

Love dreams, and builds,

And bets, and wins,
Prays, and lives,
And slips, and sins -
To barter the forbidden
For virgin morality -
To throw for an illusion
All the reality.

Be wise.

Forever is not worth
Naive morality.
Don't throw for an illusion
All the reality.

I wanted to give this poem another title - बचो युधिष्ठिर! (Bacho Yudhisthir) but not many people would have understood the reference to Dinkar's Kurukshetra. Of course, Dinkar's lines have nothing to do with my theme here.

'Be wise' can never have the same sound as 'bacho yudhisthir' but I'll make do. For reference, here is what Dinkar wrote in a completely different context:
आनन सरल, वचन मधुमय है,
तन पर शुभ्र वसन है,
बचो युधिष्ठिर! इस नागिन का
विष से भरा दशन है ।
Dinkar was talking about the illusion of Peace which comes at the cost of an individual's liberty.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

P and S

P and S

All problems
Have a solution.

All problems
Have an unpleasant solution.

P and S,
let's call them -
A pleasant S let's construe.

I tried. It's not happening.
There is no option.

P and S, both as enduring,
I could trade for an option.

I'd give a lot
For a world where -
S and !S could both be true.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Though unprepared they find me
And stealthily they come,
So softly they remind me
So gently they blossom -

The flowers of Hope -
Meet despair like old friends.
Leaves of champa in shades of rose
They grow at unexpected ends.

Sunday, February 14, 2010



Though unprepared it finds me
And stealthily it comes,
So softly it reminds me
And so kindly it numbs -

The season of Despair -
Meets unwelcome with courtesy.
Cruel, deaf and unfair
It has its ways of Mercy.