Wednesday, December 16, 2009

gnoS s'appiP

gnoS s'appiP

Aren't there monies
That arrive and fall
Like autumn rains
Which bring to all -

A certain incertitude
About desires unwanted.
Like prayers made
With beloved hatred.

Friday, December 11, 2009

O Moment!

O Moment!

O Moment! Why you were?
Why you came and split the worlds
In what could, and what were?
How you caused a sun so bright?
Where you found that perfect green?
How you made the time so right?
My ears that were to hear no more -
Why you played the morning music?
- Your last pity or a cruel chore?

And if you were and couldn't not be,
Could you not take my case
With the Gods of Destiny?
Could you not ask for mercy?
Or failing that, be less perfect -
Could you cause little less misery?
Could you beg my miser fate
Scrapes of love for my sake?
Or best, could you make the future wait?

Could you make the future wait?

Yes, O Moment! could you stop?
Right there, in my memory -
Could you please, would you stop?
I wish for you to never pass.
I wish for later to have never come.
It has come to later alas.
In my memory, how perfect you were -
Farewell Moment! You are past.
But O Moment! Why you were?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Greed (Eldorado III)

My third poem on Eldorado. Links to Eldorado I and Eldorado II.

The Greed

Eldorado, my love,
I seek what's mine.
Why to me is love denied?
Eldorado, my love,
Why do you hide?

Do you not know
The pain of parting?
Oh, me fool!
You wouldn't know
How many hearts you rule ..

Do you not know
The anguish of greed?
The glitter of gold,
The want of gain,
The frenzy men hold ..

Do you not know
The desire you cause?
The magic you make,
How you stop -
The heart, the heartache ..

I cannot breathe -
You hold my eyes,
I cannot die -
You hold my heart.
Why do you hide? Why? Why?

Showing some skin
Then hiding behind
A show of smile -
You are, aren't you?
My love, all mine ..

Just beyond
My extended grasp
Just about to be mine -
You are, aren't you?
City of Gold, Only mine.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Who mourns them?

The men who died -
Who mourns them?

Who remembers they danced,
And laughed,
And got annoyed?

Who remembers they cared,
And cried,
And wrote songs?

And if some of them
Should care to want to live
And come back as one of us -
Who would recognize them?

Wouldn't they sing and dance
To our music?
Wouldn't they live and die
By our laws?

Who mourns them now
To remember their sounds?
Who remembers them now
To know their faces?

Who is to say
If they know?
Who remembers them
To care?

And who is to say
I haven't died
And come back again?