Monday, January 17, 2011

Nothing to say

Nothing to say

I wore a color.
And spoke in signs to you
Eyes, lips, hands, skin,
Hold, press, fold, spin,
I made signs, I danced too.
I had so much to say.  
I waited for a while,
For a nod, or a smile,
But longer, I couldn't stay.

I sent a pigeon.
In its tiny feet I tied
Some cryptic words,
One moon, two lovers;
I let the key to my message hide.
I had something to say. 
I waited many days,
For a solving cryptic phrase,
But longer, I couldn't stay. 

I shared a dream.
Of dirty yellow flowers. 
I labored complex thought,
To seek, and then sought
A color that was ours. 
I had this thing to say. 
I waited months, friend,
For you to comprehend, 
But longer, I couldn't stay. 

I wrote a song.
Alongside my throbbing heart
I placed it in your care;
Less plain or more dare
I couldn't be for my part.
I had one thing to say. 
I waited for a year,
For an echo to appear,
But longer, I couldn't stay.

I bared my soul.
And let you come inside
Where I was all alone. 
Weak, scared,  so prone,
I let go of my pride.
I said all I had to say. 
I waited for a moment,
To hear your judgment,
And longer, I couldn't stay.

I hear you call. 
I never did reach you. 
All I said was in vain.
Too cryptic, at times too plain;
Believe me, I wish to start anew, 
But I have nothing to say. 
I have spent all my arts,
Songs, dreams, souls, hearts, 
Things I have given away. 
I cannot find a thing to say.
Though I try, I can't compose
A word, a thought, a rhyme, a prose;
Words I have given away.
I have only nothing to say. 

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