Monday, December 26, 2011

O Shadows!

O Shadows!

O Shadows! You, who grow so long -
Why do you grow
Ever so slow?
As if shy of meeting again?

With a smile, a nod or a rhyme, a song,
Didn't I welcome
Your dear wisdom -
Once earlier and thrice before then?

Come! My lessons wait; We don't have long,
You can only stay
While on my way
I've fallen, and can't get up again.

Come! Be merry! Let's hear your song,
Be quick about it
I am late a bit -
Once you're done, I have to work, to rise then.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am here (Eldorado XI)

I am here (Eldorado XI)

I am here.
Eldorado has a Sun. 
And a Moon. 
Shining Gold and Brilliant Silver. 

The day is yellow of dirty daffodils. 
When the Sun smiles, the daffodils sing. 

The night is pure white of fairy tales. 
When the moon sleeps, the fairies whisper. 

I had thought of many things to do with such riches. 
But I am busy. 
My greedy eyes cannot see enough of it. 
My greedy thirst cannot drink enough of it. 
Such greed! I pity me 
While I hoard and hoard and hoard
Such pure Gold, such precious Silver. 

I am here. 
Eldorado has a Sun. 
And a Moon. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How Cyan Was Made

How Cyan was made

Once upon a time
When time was a toddler;
When the old God had just
Finished creating summer -

He took a break and napped;
With loving care the green
And gray of solid earth
Kissed him unseen.

Then came the blue -
Almost a stampede -
They settled for only glances
They were too many, they agreed.

The red were very far
Not little sad indeed.
They sent their blessings too -
While thoroughly envied.

When He woke up he did
Guess but didn't ask,
His kids were so well
Busy in their tasks.

It was then that He noticed
A new color on white
His robe was tinged with it
- The Color of Delight.

Before He could worry
Of delaying The Man,
He claimed the bright shade,
"Why, I should call it Cyan!"

And so Cyan happened
As a dye on His white wear;
As an expression of delight,
And of Green and Blue's dare.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Particularly Hurtful

Particularly Hurtful

If you knew the wounds
That I took in my wars;
If you knew the pain
The least of them caused;
If you knew that they
Still live unhealed;
If you knew that I
Carry them like babies;

And wear them like trophies. 

If you knew all this, and more,
You would think that
This little splinter of a word
That recently got wedged
Some place in my heart -

Particularly hurtful.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No miracle was scheduled for today

No miracle was scheduled for today

No miracle was scheduled for today.
Big bottles of indigos, blues and grays
Bought by me in order to paint my shapes
Had hidden from view my little vial of silver.

And then a miracle happened today-
A new shade of magenta decided to laze
Over roses peeping through my morning drapes;
And in its sloth forgot to pull the usual veil on all its glamor. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Laugh softly.
Be nice.

Do not wake
The great sorrow
Which sleeps here.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lesson for an Entrepreneur Part VI

Lesson for an Entrepreneur Part VI

I carried my lovely treasure
With dedicated care -
My gems of unknown measure
Each one so rare!

My back moaned, fussed, balked
But still my treasure bore;
Then it broke; But I could walk
So I walked a little more.

Greed and pride are similar
In that they both make
Men push further and longer
Unthinking of the stake.

I put my treasure on my head
And begin to crawl.
I cannot help but let it be said -
It happened for good. I cannot fall.

Monday, February 14, 2011

True Colors

True Colors

The color black is a con.
It spread in her hair,
Promised, "I shall shelter you."

The color red is a liar.
It stuck on her lips,
And said, "I love you."

The color gold is the devil.
It throbbed on her skin,
Laughed, "I want you."

The only true color is ashen.
It had peeped through her eyes,
Had insisted, "I warn you."

Heaven's Display

Heaven's Display

Here it was
The special day -
I readied again
Without delay.
I looked nice,
I daresay.
Dressed in my best
Black and gray.

There she was!
Heaven's display!
So I memorized
My words to say.
And though I grew
New feet of clay,
I didn't go back.
Nor ran away.

And then she laughed!
Such innocent way!
Finding a new
Method to slay
My little heart's
Attempts to sway
My Heaven's share
A bit my way.

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The Letter

The Letter

When had passed a few centuries
An answer was sent to my worries -
So I ran ahead to receive my shipment.

With trembling hands I searched in fear
For a sign of favor or a hint of sneer -
In the letter from God's department.

My mind jumped to dread so quick -
I fretted "What if it is too cryptic!",
And despaired I am bad at word-play!

But such fears were really unfounded
That little letter simply said -
No miracle is scheduled for today.