Saturday, January 22, 2011



I believe we've erred
In our usual hurry
And theorized
Wrongly again -
All things considered
Hope needs to be 
As a bane;

Though some people are favored
And them I envy,
Rest of us are best advised
To abstain;
We are meant to be injured
While trying to get free -
Each time chastised
For trying in vain. 

Rest of us have been cursed
To try and fail plenty;
Failure comes disguised
As hope inane;
Each time maneuvered 
To try once finally,
Each time surprised
Into new pain.

Defeated, but forever humored
Forever caged choicely;
Ever known ever revised -
Such is Hope's bane.
Forever maneuvered 
Never finally,
Forever surprised
Forever in pain.

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