Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In latin style - the forgotten who

When you have fever, you tend to write sad poems. So did I, in the last 4 days.

While reviewing it, a friend passionately advocates getting them published. He emailed me in latin to make the effect more dramatic, arguing how unfair it is to the world.
Well, as I cannot write in latin (I don't know latin), I sent the reply in latin style. Hope it doesn't have any obvious grammer mistakes.

The world doth not fully comprehend
The world of a poet: a world so diverse.
It might rejoice but never can find the recces
Of her thought, or the drama in her verse.

The world only thinks: "this she speaks"
For there can be, no innocence in its view
& They that have the gift of understanding
Silent, indifferent, busy, distant; they are far and few

The world doth know numbers it sees; The world doth not know
That she is more than one, and she is more than two.
Words betray, and rhymes mislead. And the world fails to see
That when she writes, she writes as the forgotten who.

The first four lines, that the poet inks, cometh from her heart.
And the next four lines - two are just rhymes, two designed by art;
The rest of the lines - to her only one belongs, rest to someone new,
But the world doth not see, this 'someone new' and her apart

So shall I keep it hidden, deeming my art too high;
Lest the world finds and bids my 'sweet pretext' adieu.
Some hide in their skins, some in their worlds;
I hide in my words, and here shall I stay, as the forgotten who.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The angel of everything

What if there really IS an angel of everything?
and what if he asked you some day .. what do you want?
Imagine, u cud ask anything at all. What will u ask for.

My guess is everyone at such a stage will discover his altruistic genes and will end up asking for peace in the world, or enough food for everyone, or somethign else equally selfless.

But keeping that aside, what if you had to ask for something for urself - what will that be?
External beauty? The truth about the universe & the God? The truth about death? Inner Peace? Money? Fame? The ability to make a lot of money? The ability to become famous? The ability to invent Xerox machine?

And wudn't everytime the angel smile and give the same answer :)
YOU already have it, dumbo!

Even for the ability to become invisible! All you got to do, is discover it.