Monday, January 26, 2009


I am dead.
But will I remain dead?

I stood on the shore
So long with the hope
I walked into the sea
Waves to my knees
Color in my eyes
And .. what is that memory?
.. Laughter? .. Hope? .. Something ..
In my future.
Then future.

My hope so innocent
My love so strong
And I carried in my hands
Seeds golden long

To grow into my dream
A Daffodil .. Or a Lily
The right shade of yellow
And to loose into the wind
Waves of my song

My hope so innocent
My hope so wrong
O .. how they slipped
Slipped into the sea
My love
My dream
My song

O .. how I howled unbelieving
With grief
With anger
With loss
O .. how could they lose
So fair
So happy
So strong

But lose all they did
And when my howling died
I had to loose my grip
One by one they died

Some silent
Some screaming
Some wondering
Some weeping
Before the waves took them
Each of them, though,
Looked into my eyes

"You Promised", they said
Never with a sound
Understanding, blaming ... their eyes
How silent
How loud

I waited till they were gone
And the sea forgot they were
In my broken heart, I blessed them peace
And I blessed them peace aloud

But times and memories are forever
A broken heart dies
And on my death-bed, I saw them all
Each in their eyes

I so blessed them peace
I so wished them gone
But my lilies had festered
"you promised" cries

So, I am dead now
And back on the shore
With empty hands
With empty eyes
And a broken-heart's lore

To make a last Promise
To make the Promise last
To burn my seeds
To bury my lilies
To forget my song ..
To break my heart some more.

I stand on the shore
So long it has been
That a memory
Of a memory
Of this story only holds
And with every death
I wonder

What happens when the dead die?
Do they remain dead?