Saturday, March 27, 2010



Who has ever wished
For dreary lands instead
Of rains and greens and trees
Of love and rest and ease ?

Who has ever thought
Of getting what he sought
At prices high unfair
Of paying all unaware ?

Yet, we all seek and get
What we asked and has been let.
We all trade our rains -
For heat, and thirst, and chains.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Save Mr. Wilson

Save Mr. Wilson

Knit a song
Then watch it grow
Grow the song
Then let it go.
The reality
Is not a song.
After all
It is just a song.
But after songs
What remains?
Empty homes?
Silent lanes?
After songs
Ask why.
Why be?
Why die?

Hide a song.
Before the end,
For company.

Mr. Wilson is a personified (but unreal) character from the movie
Cast Away.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Days

Some Days

Some days
The sun shines brighter.

Some days
The flowers of champa
Rise rather late
And find morning waiting.

Some days
Mother Ganges relents easier.

Some days
The God of colors
Decides to play
And the rules don't worry him.

Some days
The world plays fairer.

Some days
The lonely squirrel
Loses her last nuts
And finds a friend instead.

Some days
The sun just shines brighter.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Hang your head
Go stand in the corner
Mourn a bit
If you can!

How could you lose
All I planned
All I cared for
All I began?

How could you be so naive
To make choices
So wrong
So foolish!

How could you trade
My joy, My life
My dreams, My songs
For grief and anguish?

Now what do I do?
Shall I strangle you?
My heart! what have you done?
Now what can I do?

I cannot run
You sold my freedom
I cannot avenge
You sold even you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010



The story of desire
Is such a simple tale.
"We Desire"
And that is all.

Hope, Passion,
Loss, Grief,
The story goes on and on.
"We desire"
And that is all.

We desire
With fervor high

Then desire
With even more

Then desire
With skill and force

Then desire
With broken hearts

Then desire
With tears unshed

Then desire
With lost hopes

Then desire
With no desire

Still desire
For past desire

Hope, Passion,
Loss, Grief,
The story goes on and on.
"We desire"
And that is all.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heart Break I

Heart Break I

Girl, is this heart break?

You sound so broken,
So fragile, so hurt
Your eyes so dreamless,
Your laugh such effort.

Girl, does it ache too much?
And does it let you sleep?
Through broken shards of your heart
Does it hurt to breathe?

Do you wonder if you'll live?
Does death seem easier?
Are you mourning your dying dreams?
Do you still long they were?

Like a drowning man, do you wish,
You could trade all for one thing?
And like him, are you denied,
Your share of air, but everything?

And does life give you no choice
In matters of your precious heart?
And do you cry every night?
Despite trying on your part?

Does the ache go deeper down?
Is your soul crushed and hurt?
Is every evening full of pain?
Is every morning even worse?

Does it seem never ending?
Do you fear it would outlast
Your broken heart's mending bids -
Foolish attempts to lose its past?

Girl, is this your first heart break?
Learn .
It is never the last.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lesson for an Entrepreneur Part V

Lesson for an Entrepreneur Part V

When the river Ganges
In her anger
Washes away your oars,
And leaves you helpless
To head
Into chaos and uproar,
And tumbles your boat
To teach you
For daring her shores,
And forces her noise
To drown you,
(Your pleas she ignores)

When all seems lost
And you
Are one against All,
When far seems a rescue
Or relief
And imminent your fall,
When the mother Ganges
Is furious
Beyond pity's recall,
When long stay the nights
And Sun
Never comes at all,

Remember to remember
A lesson
Man's endeavors teach -
There lies in large hearts
A corner
Winters never reach.
And there find the warmth
To excuse
Fate's wrongdoing each -
Look! Ganges' anger ebbs
And reveals
A calmer shore, a milder beach.

The Ganges' angry
Her anger is just pretend.

This rapid shall end;
The next
Shall also end.
You only need to last
Just one
More night my friend.
Sun, is just acting dear -
So, work!
Big welcome you need to send.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The One Thing

The One Thing

Shall I return with His gifts?
Or stay here and hide?
I remember not
where I came from,
I know no outside.
Glory to His kingdom!
His grace is boundless wide.
The only things
I asked for -
Were the only ones denied.