Monday, November 29, 2010



These Gifts
Will reach you
They will be

Too soiled
From exposure.

You would
Not want such

Things on offer.

Such gifts
May be dying.
They may be

Too weak
To Whisper.

Please know
They used to be

Like you are.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Yellow was Made

How Yellow was Made

Once upon a time -

When Time itself was new
There lived an old God,
Who was bored of boring Blue

When He made the oceans,

'Big and Blue', he thought,

While sitting knitting skies,

He used the Blue a lot

Now Blue was old and bored Him

Though Red and Green were good
But He wanted something fresh -

Something cheerful while he could

On a Green hill he sat,
And thought of petals bright,
And of breeze and of bliss,

And of the Red of twilight.

And so came to be Be

A dancing flower of Daffodil;

He created with his thoughts -

Yellow on a Green hill!

So content He was that day,

So blissful and so happy,

That dancing yellow daffodils,

Are Godly and will always be.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Making of Eldorado (Eldorado VII)

The Making of Eldorado (Eldorado VII)

If I had some Gold

If I had some Gold
I'd keep it as if gold -
I would buy jewel boxes
To keep such precious Gold.

I don't need too much
A little bit will do.
Old, battered, passed on -
I don't ask for new.

I promise I'll keep it safe
Well cared shining bright;
If I had some Gold
I'd cherish it day and night.

Few Golden grains I shall keep
In folds of silken wraps,
Unwrap them on special days,
Caress, kiss, then back.

I shall wear some everyday
Some, I shall spread and sleep;
I shall save for rainy days
Some, I shall warm and eat.

I shall trim all my dresses
With a light Golden lace -
And for my old green stones
I shall make a Golden case.

I shall carry Gold with me
I shall never be alone.
I shall give to everyone
Such Gold I shall own.

A mirror I shall gild
Painting it for Keeps -
Some Gold in my hair
A little on my cheeks.

When the last little bit is left
I shall dangle it as ear-rings,
And just a tiny little pinch
I shall sprinkle on my mornings.