Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lesson for an Entrepreneur Part V

Lesson for an Entrepreneur Part V

When the river Ganges
In her anger
Washes away your oars,
And leaves you helpless
To head
Into chaos and uproar,
And tumbles your boat
To teach you
For daring her shores,
And forces her noise
To drown you,
(Your pleas she ignores)

When all seems lost
And you
Are one against All,
When far seems a rescue
Or relief
And imminent your fall,
When the mother Ganges
Is furious
Beyond pity's recall,
When long stay the nights
And Sun
Never comes at all,

Remember to remember
A lesson
Man's endeavors teach -
There lies in large hearts
A corner
Winters never reach.
And there find the warmth
To excuse
Fate's wrongdoing each -
Look! Ganges' anger ebbs
And reveals
A calmer shore, a milder beach.

The Ganges' angry
Her anger is just pretend.

This rapid shall end;
The next
Shall also end.
You only need to last
Just one
More night my friend.
Sun, is just acting dear -
So, work!
Big welcome you need to send.

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