Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heart Break I

Heart Break I

Girl, is this heart break?

You sound so broken,
So fragile, so hurt
Your eyes so dreamless,
Your laugh such effort.

Girl, does it ache too much?
And does it let you sleep?
Through broken shards of your heart
Does it hurt to breathe?

Do you wonder if you'll live?
Does death seem easier?
Are you mourning your dying dreams?
Do you still long they were?

Like a drowning man, do you wish,
You could trade all for one thing?
And like him, are you denied,
Your share of air, but everything?

And does life give you no choice
In matters of your precious heart?
And do you cry every night?
Despite trying on your part?

Does the ache go deeper down?
Is your soul crushed and hurt?
Is every evening full of pain?
Is every morning even worse?

Does it seem never ending?
Do you fear it would outlast
Your broken heart's mending bids -
Foolish attempts to lose its past?

Girl, is this your first heart break?
Learn .
It is never the last.

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