Friday, December 11, 2009

O Moment!

O Moment!

O Moment! Why you were?
Why you came and split the worlds
In what could, and what were?
How you caused a sun so bright?
Where you found that perfect green?
How you made the time so right?
My ears that were to hear no more -
Why you played the morning music?
- Your last pity or a cruel chore?

And if you were and couldn't not be,
Could you not take my case
With the Gods of Destiny?
Could you not ask for mercy?
Or failing that, be less perfect -
Could you cause little less misery?
Could you beg my miser fate
Scrapes of love for my sake?
Or best, could you make the future wait?

Could you make the future wait?

Yes, O Moment! could you stop?
Right there, in my memory -
Could you please, would you stop?
I wish for you to never pass.
I wish for later to have never come.
It has come to later alas.
In my memory, how perfect you were -
Farewell Moment! You are past.
But O Moment! Why you were?

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