Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chasing the Myth (Eldorado II)

The mythical elixir
Of ever-life -

With his eyes so true
And a joy so wide
His promised peace
His step so light
So bright so shine
So pure so fine
He that carries
The lover's sign.

The mythical city
Of Eldorado -

With her prince of gold
And subjects of gold
And grains of gold
And rivers of gold
So bright so shine
So pure so fine
She that smiles
The seductress' smile.

The mythical
The myth
All unreal

And I run and chase
Their ghosts

I glimpse and lose
His wink
Her style
So I run and chase
His promise
Her smile

And I helpless take
His tease
Her bait
And chase and run
Their rules
Their race

And I love and crave
His laugh
Her grace
So I run and chase
Her form
His face

And I grab and miss
I reach
They run
And I hurt and smile
I lost
They won

And I lose and lose
Old life
And new
Yet the seductress smiles
And the
Lover too

They tease and laugh
Make signs
In hue
So I run and chase
Her gold
His blue

Like a desert traveler
Who dreams
Of dew.

Men who chase, gold and blue
Am I mad, and they too?
In the barren of their deserts
In a dreamless sleep that hurts -
The mirage
Of Dew
Is all the dream they hold.

Is it still a myth unreal?
Blue elixir and city of gold.

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Anonymous said...

Pooja - I stumbled upon your profile via linkedin and it was wonderful to look at your profile that you started from humble beginnings and have come so far... and a wonderful poem too.... God Bless... Prakash