Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Memory of Light

Missing Robert Jordan (yet again)

Forever are the stories

The ones who end
And whole are the songs
The ones that don't

But some stories are left
By the author unfinished
And some painters let leave
A slash of color bright

Some they intend
Some they forget
Some are simply fun
Some they just won't

How I wish it was
Intended, forgotten
Or left by design
O how I wish
I wish
I wish for A Memory of Light.

Update: Memory of Light is being released in three parts now. The first part got released recently. It is called The Gathering Storm and is written by Brandon Sanderson with the help of Robert Jordan's notes and dictations. Apparently, Jordan was dictating notes for Memory of Light in the last week of his death. More than his love for his story, I think it shows his respect for his fans' desire. I read the book slowly, afraid it would finish too soon and yet it did. I almost feel reverence for Jordan, despite having reserved so much of it for Tolkien.

Dear Robert Jordan, your fans will always love your stories and by extension, you.
Sanderson is doing a good job with your legacy. Rest in Peace. ]

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