Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Making of Eldorado (Eldorado VII)

The Making of Eldorado (Eldorado VII)

If I had some Gold

If I had some Gold
I'd keep it as if gold -
I would buy jewel boxes
To keep such precious Gold.

I don't need too much
A little bit will do.
Old, battered, passed on -
I don't ask for new.

I promise I'll keep it safe
Well cared shining bright;
If I had some Gold
I'd cherish it day and night.

Few Golden grains I shall keep
In folds of silken wraps,
Unwrap them on special days,
Caress, kiss, then back.

I shall wear some everyday
Some, I shall spread and sleep;
I shall save for rainy days
Some, I shall warm and eat.

I shall trim all my dresses
With a light Golden lace -
And for my old green stones
I shall make a Golden case.

I shall carry Gold with me
I shall never be alone.
I shall give to everyone
Such Gold I shall own.

A mirror I shall gild
Painting it for Keeps -
Some Gold in my hair
A little on my cheeks.

When the last little bit is left
I shall dangle it as ear-rings,
And just a tiny little pinch
I shall sprinkle on my mornings.

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