Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heart Break II

Heart Break II

"I love some one else,
Not you.", she said;
That's when my heart broke,
That's when my Reason fled.

I decided to leave alone
What needed gentler hands -
Instead of building homes
I shattered skies and lands.

She won't return my love
I have one world to blame.
She won't give me warmth
So I'll set the world aflame.

Let my heart break and never mend
If it cannot please her heart.
And if this world can't give her me
Let this world stop and never start.

If I think, let the thoughts
Be of heat and of blaze;
If I wake, let my work
Be to set the world ablaze;

If I sleep, let my dreams
Be in shades of red and rust;
If I live, let my world
Be aflame and turn to

I burn the world and all in it
I let it burn high and red.
I burn my tender heart afresh
I let it burn our togetherness.

I burn it all and burn with it
She made it my destiny.
No mercy now for world or me
I'll burn and burn endlessly.

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