Friday, June 04, 2010

75 startups you can Bet On

My company, Anduril Technologies, got featured in DARE's '75 startups you can bet on' (in India) story. It was their cover story for May 2010 issue. I have been waiting for an electronic version to write about it, but it hasn't come and it is already June. So I decided to post anyway. If they do publish it on Internet, I'll update the post. It is the first time, Anduril got covered in print. Is what I am feeling very similar to how parents feel when their kid faces the stage the first time to recite a poem (optimism laced with dread interrupted with bits of unreasonable embarrassment and groundless pride) ?

We made another small (tiny? minuscule?) appearance in PCQuest. Our biggest client, Eko, got covered in PCQuest's June 2010 issue, and we were mentioned in passing as their technology vendor. Here. In general Eko gets a lot of coverage as its team is one of the smartest I have worked with। In this case, this feature was specifically for the best IT projects in India, so we can preen ourselves a bit.

Post the nomination I had mentioned in this post, Eko received the award for Best IT implementation of the year 2010 in Maximum Social Impact category.
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Priyanka said...

hey congrats on being featured! Nice blog.. your poems are quite interesting.

Poornima said...

They did publish it.