Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Eldorado Fades (Eldorado IV)

Eldorado Fades

Eldorado, My love!
Stay for a while more.
Stay in my sight.
Stay, let them explore -
The green of your lands,
The yellow of your sun,
The red of your hills,
Blue skies like none.
Stay here while I die,
Come, let fall your golden locks,
My love! don't fade now,
Let me think these little thoughts.
While they slow my beating heart
And Gods claim their due
My love, let me fill it with
The golden sight of you.
Let me breathe in your air
Smile, this one last time,
As you've done for all poetry -
Pose, for this one last rhyme
Ah! I lose. I falter. I die.
But what matter it does.
My eyes shine with lyrical light
My heart with a golden buzz.
Don't spare your precious tears,
Don't blur my golden view -
All life is worth my love
A sight of golden you.

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