Monday, December 11, 2006

Rest Energy and Kinetic

1. Rest energy of a body - m c^2
2. Kinetic energy of a body - 0.5 m v^2

Leaving aside the formal definitions of these energies, I am linking the formulae to some philosophy:

  • The energy in you defines who you are.
  • Your mass is something you were born with.

  • When you are at rest 'who-you-are' is defined by the universe
    • By the mass it gave you, and
    • By the speed at which it moves

  • When you are moving, who-you-are is defined by two things
    • By the mass the universe assigned to you, and
    • By the speed and the direction in which you are moving

  • Independent of the magnitudes of these values, when you're moving, you're more defined by the speed and direction you choose than the mass assigned to you.


Pankaj Katoch said...

I think the reasoning also has an element of beauty in it.

Also "current" or "now" could be explicitly associated to the conclusion. To me that is a crucial part as well. Who you are is defined by your speed and direction "as of now", rather than how great your speed and direction was in the past.

Gandaragolaka said...

If I get this correctly, I am terribly interested in the point where the individual's definition changes from that governed by the mass assigned by universe to that governed by her/his speed and direction.

What would that point be called according to your philosophy?