Friday, March 03, 2006

The angel of everything

What if there really IS an angel of everything?
and what if he asked you some day .. what do you want?
Imagine, u cud ask anything at all. What will u ask for.

My guess is everyone at such a stage will discover his altruistic genes and will end up asking for peace in the world, or enough food for everyone, or somethign else equally selfless.

But keeping that aside, what if you had to ask for something for urself - what will that be?
External beauty? The truth about the universe & the God? The truth about death? Inner Peace? Money? Fame? The ability to make a lot of money? The ability to become famous? The ability to invent Xerox machine?

And wudn't everytime the angel smile and give the same answer :)
YOU already have it, dumbo!

Even for the ability to become invisible! All you got to do, is discover it.

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